Injuries and Death are no joking matter, you should take them into consideration and ensure your and your workers safety at work.

Every year there is around 26 deaths and more than 8000 injuries, all of which are caused by falling from high places, even though preventing them is possible.


Years ago, many dangers came with working in a mine that it was no exaggeration to call it the most dangerous work back then.
but what about now? Now it has become the ‘most improved performing’ when it comes to safety, and that’s all because they set a zero fatality target as they worked on making it safer.

Then, why not do the same for working at heights?

Currently, a lot of companies are working to improve work conditions in regards to safety at heights. Making sure the roof has the correct fall protection system installed is possible, however the problem is that people forget about it, until such unfortunate accident happens.

Installing the correct systems and training workers on the proper safety procedures will noticeably decrease the damage caused by falling from such dangerous heights.

Manufacturers, Architects, Owners, Managers and even Workers themselves are all responsible for the safety of the workplace, and making sure everything follows the current regulations.

For a safer workplace, check our post on Anchor Points and how to get them.

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