Height safety requirements in Australian workplaces are determined by the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (the WHS Act).
Under the WHS Act, a person conducting a business or undertaking has the responsibility to ensure that workers are not exposed to health and safety risks that could arise from the business or undertaking.

In relation to fall risks, the WHS Act requires you to ensure the following:

  • Work is carried out on the ground or a solid construction, as much as reasonably practical.
  • Safe means of access to exit from the workplace are provided.
  • Use fall prevention devices, work positions systems or fall arrest systems to minimise the risk of falls.

How do you know if your workplace is compliant?

If any personnel or contractors need to work at a height of over 2m or within 2m of a fall edge, then you will need height safety and fall prevention equipment.

The design and installation of height safety equipment must be carried out by a qualified height safety professional.

They will determine what is required for your workplace to achieve height safety compliance, including the type of height safety equipment and how it needs to be installed.

Depending on the needs of your premises and the type of work being carried out, you may require one or more different types of height safety equipment, including:

  • Walkways
  • Guardrails
  • Anchor points
  • Ladders

What are the consequences of non-compliance?

There are significant consequences for businesses and business owners whose premises are non-compliant. Fines can start at $250,000, and punishments can include jail terms if non-compliant practices or equipment result in the serious injury or death of a worker.

WorkSafe regularly performs inspections of workplaces across Australia. If your premises are not compliant with Australian regulations, then you are risking the safety of your workers as well as the consequences that come with non-compliance.

Get expert height safety advice:

When dealing with an issue as serious as height safety compliance, it is essential that all inspections and installations are carried out by licensed professional and that they use high-quality products and equipment.

Unlicensed installers will not be able to provide a compliant height safety system while inexperienced installers may not install the products to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Secure Height Systems are experts in workplace safety regulations. We can inspect your premises and provide height safety certification as well as recommend and install the necessary equipment to ensure compliance.

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Our Services include:

Height safety compliance starts with the design. Send through your architectural plans and we will advise you with the site specific on-budget solution.

An accredited team of height safety installers with the experience to ensure we over-deliver. Our team of installers is flexible and can be on-site on short notice.

Certification of your height safety system and testing of your anchor points to ensure compliance with relevant Australian standards.

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