Using Ladder Brackets Safely

Each year SafeWork investigates around 100 serious incidents in Sydney and around NSW where workers have fallen from ladders. Most of these incidents have involved a ladder being used incorrectly or inappropriately. Workers have suffered dislocations broken bones severe lacerations and head injuries. In some cases, workers have died. Ladder brackets help fix your ladder in place to avoid slipping.

Safe use of Ladders

People working in construction retail and building maintenance are of the most injured. However, any worker using a ladder is at risk. If you work with ladders keep your people safe. Workers should only use ladders for simple access or for work that is short in duration it’s best to do most of the work at ground level whenever possible if you can’t consider alternatives to a  ladder such as scaffolding you could also use an elevated work platform such as a scissor lift a boom or a knuckle boom if a ladder is your only option choose the right one it should be designed for the work you do an a-frame or an extension ladder may be appropriate for most tasks but a platform ladder could be safer once you’ve chosen the right ladder for your work make sure you. Here are some steps you can take to ensure safety while using ladders.

  1. Inspect ladder for damage every time you use it
  2. Workers who are using a ladder should be physically capable of doing so their age and general health should be considered
  3. A-ladders should only be used on a flat stable surface
  4. Only take small items up or down a ladder never large or bulky items such as building materials
  5. The combined weight of carried items and the person using the ladder should not exceed the working load limit of the ladder
  6. A-frame ladders should always be set up in the fully open position
  7. If you are using an extension ladder secure it at the top with a ladder bracket and at the bottom to stop it from slipping
  8. The distance between the base of the extension ladder and the structure supporting the ladder should be one meter for every four meters of ladder height
  9. If you are using an a-frame ladder do not climb or work past the second last rung
  10. When climbing down remain facing the ladder
  11. Climb all the way down to the last step before you step off
  12. Always maintained three points of contact
  13. Never lean or reach away from the ladder while using it

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