Also known as sky hooks, are fixed on the roof to protect you & your contractors from fall hazards. All our anchors are placed in a way to restrain users and prevent falls. Our anchors are also made to arrest falls with a proprietary shock absorbing eyelet.

Allows up to 4 users at once depending on the configuration. Static lines are preferred when access to large areas is needed with various mounting configurations to suit application.

Rung ladders, Vertical line ladders, Parapet ladders, Internal access & ladders with midway platforms. Many options to choose from, contact us and we will help pick the most suitable option.

Guardrails provide passive protection by eliminating the fall hazard and providing the highest safety for personnel working at heights. Walkways are used when regular access is needed, to guide maintenance crew and minimize roof damage.

For a safe frequent internal access, an access hatch is the perfect choice. A fold down ladder complements it with a suspension system and soft close technology.

Engineered to your needs, our custom platforms are the solution to every access problem. Custom angle stairs with a platform and guardrails with  a variety stair systems, ramps, bridges, and platforms designed to provide improved access to high areas along with a maximum level of safety.

Skylight Protectors

Our Skylight Protectors comply with the National WHS Regulations 2011, Chapter 4, Part 4.4. They are suitable for flat brittle & fragile roof lights, raised roof lights or areas with no roof safety mesh

Our Products

Reliable Modular & Custom Engineered Solutions that suit your Height Safety Needs.

Protect your people with a secure roof anchor that complies with Australian Standards AS/NZS/ 1891.4.2009, AS/NZS/ 5532.2013 and AS/NZS 4488

Caged ladders, Vertical line ladders, Step ladders, Ladders with resting platforms & many more custom solutions

Eliminates fall hazards and allows safer access. Using modular with optional walkways. Fold-able option available

Guide workers safely on the roof, eliminate access to danger zones and protect roof sheets from damage. 

With up to 30° pitched roof access & suitability for multiple users our proprietary fall restrain static line won’t let you down

Lightweight, robust and include internal locking
facilities. Provides external access from inside building to roof top for inspection and maintenance purposes

With handrails and kneerails for added protection for the user, step ladders are to be used where frequent access is required

Manufactured from High-grade structural aluminium with customization to suit exact site requirements

The place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your height safety needs.

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