What are the Standards?

Roof Safety Anchors are designed to save lives. Thorough performance testing is critical. If you drop 100 kilograms a few meters you would put a huge load of up to 22 kilo-newtons on the anchor point at the moment it stops. That’s more than 2 tonnes! We at Secure Height Systems serve Sydney & NSW and ensure all our roof anchors points are supplied, installed & certified in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.

Testing Standards for Anchors

All of our anchor points are tested to the highest benchmarks on all types of roofs to insure safety. Our in-house tests include:

  • Testing different supporting structures and roof sheets
  • Applying shear forces at different angles to test different fall possibilities
  • Static testing of 15 kilo-newtons for single user anchors and 21 kilo-newtons for the two person anchors for a minimum of 3 minutes
  • Documentation of results and engineering report

Our on-site tests include:

  • Height safety layout check
  • Stress testing for friction fixed & chemically fixed anchors
  • Thorough inspections of anchors and fixings
  • Inspection of roofs & roof sheets
  • Detailed report & recommendations
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Which Standards are important?

When looking at Height & Roof safety the standards that are usually referenced are as per the following table. Main governing bodies are Safe Work Australia, Safe Work NSW, and Standards Australia


When it comes to height safety standards. Different roofs and heights require different systems you can always count on our team at secure height systems to design and deliver a system that would serve your safety needs. Click the link to go to the contact us page


Secure Height Systems serves all areas in Sydney & NSW including:

Sydney City & CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West Sydney, Western Suburbs, North Sydney, the North Shore, Gosford, Central Coast, Newcastle, and Rural NSW.

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Our Services include:

Height safety compliance starts with the design. Send through your architectural plans and we will advise you with the site specific on-budget solution.

An accredited team of height safety installers with the experience to ensure we over-deliver. Our team of installers is flexible and can be on-site on short notice.

Certification of your height safety system and testing of your anchor points to ensure compliance with relevant Australian standards.

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