Giving precautionary safety measures in both fall assurance and roof guardrails could most definitely assist construction laborers and the maintenance and upkeep faculty with ensuring they’re following all the best possible protocols to maintain a comfortable distance from any likely mishaps or incidents. 

The most way to giving an environment inside your workplace is to adhere to the protocols set by both the International Code Council and the local Australian one, whose principles are shared in fall assurance and roof guardrail conditions and requirements.

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SENTRY Permanent Guardrail and its Features

The Sentry Permanent Guardrail System gives the most significant level of protection and safeguarding for the maintenance or construction faculty when working over roods and other fall hazard territories. SENTRY guarantees controlled access inside these regions ensured by the permanent guardrail framework. SENTRY componentry is completely flexible and versatile to suit any working site or position, supplemented by a total scope of pre-assembled apparatuses, fittings, and fixtures.

  1. Prefabricated and modular guardrail framework guarantees ease of setup and installation 
  2. lightweight, high quality structure that would withstand much more than the average weight of a worker
  3. Has neat aesthetics and design, can be powder-covered to suit its surroundings
  4. Adaptable to fit any application 
  5. No requirement for continuous appraisal and re- certification
  6. First class in terms of fall protection safety
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Why It’s Better

The Sentry Guardrail System guarantees controlled access inside explicit regions and areas ensured by the permanent guardrail framework: 

Modular and prefabricated framework – guarantees basic, quick setup. 

Fully customizable/versatile installations and fittings – no on location welding required 

Suits differed mounting applications 

Lesser amount of components means practicality , and reduction of the effort taken to install

High quality aluminium development – lightweight and easy to use 

Unobtrusive appearance – with alternative for powder-coating to mix in with location

It’s Various Applications

The Sentry Guardrail System is unmistakably fit to regions requiring regular access by the maintenance and upkeep faculty. With that in mind, the system offers: 

– Fall assurance to plant and apparatus requiring intermittent access 

– Safe access to unprotected fall edges such as canals and others 

– A positive barricade framework – Could be used as an emergency exit and general rooftop walkway system 

– Can be introduced related to the On-Trak Walkway framework 

– Easy retrofitting to existing stairs, platform systems, metal rooftop deck, cement and steel structure


Technical Data


Post Assemblies, Hand & Kneerails – profiled structural  aluminium with option for powdercoatingUniversal Elbows & End Caps – Die cast aluminium


Handrail Component – 50mm diameter section mounted 1000mm to 1100mm above floor surface Kneerail Component – 40mm diameter section mounted 450mm below handrail Post Component – 60mm x 40mm RHS section, post length 950mm to 1100mm above floor surface Post Spacing – Max 2.0m intervals


2kg / m (approximate)

Working Load Limit

1.2kN applied horizontally mid span between posts at 2.0m spacing.>  Support structure integrity, suitability and fixing method to be assessed and determined by a competent person prior to installation

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