Rooftop safety walkway frameworks are a vital piece of a safe domain of work when walking at altitudes considered high enough to be a falling risk. On bigger rooftop territories where there can be various fall chances, an appropriately structured rooftop safety framework can be extraordinarily improved by the establishment of an all around planned walkway framework.

The safety framework makes a set way of access which permits you to control laborers’ developments on the rooftop. It provides clear guidance on the most proficient method to securely move around the region. By setting rules which confines laborers from venturing off the framework, the possibility of a mishap happening from laborers getting to a limited region is enormously decreased.

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Australian Walkways Standards

Australian Standard AS1657:2018 states that all roof walkways no matter what material they are made of must have these requirements:

  1. Walkways must be at least 600mm wide 
  2. They Also must a surface of nonslip finish
  3. Cross incline can’t surpass 7° 
  4. At the point when cross slop surpasses 7° walkway must be leveled 
  5. In the event that rooftop slant surpasses 12° on the lower side of the walkway, monitor railing must be introduced 
  6. When running inline with the incline of the rooftop spikes must be introduced once it surpasses 10°
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What is PACE 600

The Pace 600 Aluminum Walkway System is a lightweight, non-corrosive walkway which offers safe assigned access to rooftop mounted plant and hardware. Perfect for providing safe access over fragile and other fall hazard surfaces, for example, rooftop lights and asbestos rooftop decking. Extended life expectancy of rooftop deck and walkway framework. 

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The Pace 600 provides:

  • lightweight boards guarantee basic, easy, and speedy installation  
  • Cost powerful, non-corrosive and maintenance free rooftop deck protection 
  •  Non-slip surface arrangement improves laborers safety 

Numerous frameworks are tek screwed to the rooftop sheeting. After some time these tek screws can turn out to be free and can make water spills which are practically difficult to track down. That is the reason we will just ever bolt our frameworks to the rooftop sheeting. A few structures don’t permit entrances into the rooftop. If so, then we also have a no-penetration clip framework. It is additionally critical to guarantee that the strips are not dispersed excessively.


At SECURE HEIGHT SYSTEMS we make sure to set up the proprietary Pace 600 Walkway System according to producer and manufacturer, Sayfa Systems, guidelines. This lightweight composite rooftop walkway framework joins a non-slip surface arrangement appropriate for use in exposed outdoor weather conditions. Pace 600 is to be fixed to spacer secures, permitting the walkway to be clear for the roofdeck consistently while avoiding any galvanic response between dissimilar metals.  


Roof Walkway GW8


  • Non-slip walkway framework for safe access to rooftop mounted plant and hardware 
  • Designated walkways guarantee controlled access in risky regions, restricting unapproved access to ‘No Go’ zones 
  • Safe and easy to use rooftop access helps to energize a higher standard upkeep of rooftop mounted plant and gear without expensive rooftop harm 
  • Superior walkway decking can be utilized for lightweight domestic or existing plant stages 
  • Walkway can be used for lookout window and rooftop light security 





Roof Walkway GW8

Technical Data


Walkway – plant finish, extended aluminum grinding Roof secures – factory finish profiled aluminum


Board size – 6000mm (l) x 600mm (W) Panel thickness – 13mm Walkway spacer secure – 700mm (l) x 30mm (H)


4.5kg/per direct meter (6.4kg per m2)


Walkway to secure – 45mm SD Class 3 Tek screw Batten to roofdeck – 5mm development grade Bulbtite bolt Note: Max. secure augmentations – 670mm (Refer guidance manual.)


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