Anchor Points

Roof Anchor Points to Access Edges, Maintain Solar Panels, Clean Gutters, Abseil & Inspect Facades


  • Works on most of metal sheet roof profiles
  • Manufactured & Installed in accordance with Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1891 & AS/NZS 5532
  • 360˚ Rotational Eyelet for Multi Directional Use
  • 15kN rated


  • Suitable for Fall Arrest / Rope Access
  • Manufactured & Installed in accordance with Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1891 & AS/NZS 5532) 
  • Removable Eyebolt option
  • Raised extension option to allow for pebbles
  • 15kN rated


  • Suitable on metal sheet roofs
  • Manufactured & Installed in accordance with Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1891 & AS/NZS 5532) 
  • Attached to Metal Purlin
  • Three different configurations based on roof sheet profile
  • 15kN rated

When are roof anchors required?

If your team is required to work at heights make sure you have the proper anchor points installed. Working at heights is a high-risk activity and one of Australia’s leading cause of death and serious injury. In the period 2003-2015 workers were killed from a fall from a height accounted to 11% of all workers killed in that period with a total of 359 workers. [1] The construction industry accounted for 37% of falls-related fatalities. [1] 


Cost of anchor points usually is based on application, roof pitch, roof type & location of the job. Prices ranges from $150 up to $400 per anchor. Typical roofs need around 7-50 anchors depending on the roof size. You might also consider a Ladder Bracket, Anchor Strop & a Safety Sign. We provide proposals with plan mark-ups, free consultations and site visits. Call us at: 0286 670 722

Australian Standards and Load Rating

Our range of anchor points complies with Australian Standards AS/NZS/ 1891.4.2009, AS/NZS/5532.2013 & AS/NZS 4488. Anchor points are usually rated at 15 kN for one person & 21kN for a two person anchor.


Anchor point certification / re-certification includes a detailed inspection of your systems by one of our qualified Height Safety Technician here at Secure Height Systems. We can inspect these systems on a 6-12 monthly basis as required by Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1891). Certification usually involves load testing anchors, visually inspecting fixings, checking for water proofing and sealing. As per AS/NZS 1891.4 inspection should be carried out by persons trained as a qualified Height Safety Equipment Inspector. Should your anchor points require inspection, certification or re-certification please contact us at 0286 670 722

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